How To Maintain Healthy Nails: 8 Shockingly Easy Tips You Can Try Today!

Many people are very careful about the health of their nails and strive to maintain their nail health to keep them looking healthy.

It is possible to gain healthy nails if you do not already have them

…It is also possible that you don’t have to invest money (unless you choose to) to get healthy nails either.

As a matter of fact, most of the things that you can do to gain and maintain healthy nails are within your home and others just rely on your day to day habits.

Here are 8 easy tips to guide you on your healthy nail journey

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           Keep Healthy Looking Toenails!

1. Use a Supplement

Nowadays, there seems to be supplements from everything to higher energy, more focus, hair,

Nail Fungus Supplements

and even nails.

There are a few supplements on the market that are specifically designed for nail growth and nail strengthening.

The most common supplement for growth and health is Biotin.

When taking Biotin, you may see results that result with thicker hair and even healthier nails.

Note that the one thing that separates Biotin from any other supplement is the fact that it is designed for those with brittle nails and aids in good nail health for those individuals.

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2. Go Nude!

Not literally speaking but nail-wise…

Nail polish can and will make your nails pretty (even clear nail polish) but wearing nail polish too often will have underlying effect on your nails.

Tips for Healthy nails

Whenever you do decide to go with unpolished nails you can still incorporate a nice manicure into your routine with using a Nail buffer or Nail cutter

If you’d like to take a short break on your nail polish be sure to use an acetone-free polish remover.

3. Cuticle Oil

cuticle oil for healthy nails

Remember when you were a kid, maybe even a teen, and you bought a nail kit and you wondered what is this tube for and completely ignored it?

Well, that tube was something that will become your best friend and it is called cuticle oil. Its purpose is to add moisture to your nails, more specifically your cuticles.

Your cuticles are the easiest part of your nails that are prone to infections especially when they get pushed too far back during your manicure.

Cuticles can be hydrated and taken care of through hand or body lotion. Refer to Point 7 below, regarding the habit of moisturizing daily.

4. Regular Nail Maintenance 

Keeping your nails in great condition does not involve a lot of work.

nail moisturizer

For this method, simply trimming your nails to a short, regular length will do. This part is beneficial as a natural method to obtaining healthy nails and is a great starting point for those who want to maintain healthy nails.

After all, if your nails aren’t healthy they might be long in length or are broken so consider this your fresh start.

The only thing you should make a habit in this step is to trim and file your nails regularly. How often will depend on how fast your nails grow. You can also use a nail buffer on your nails too as it tends to make your nails feel and look healthier.

The use of Nail Strenghteners is a common way to help keck strat your nails health.

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5. Take a Manicure Break 

Let’s be real, do you know how much money you can save just by skipping a trip to the nail salon? Those of you who don’t already have healthy nails this step is a must: reduce your salon trips if you can manage.

It is also a good thing to save your nails from the UV rays from the lights that dry your nails.

The acrylic can wait…nail salon tips

…because acrylic really looks great but can be a huge factor in damaging your nails too. If you must take a salon trip be sure to get your polishes removed, buffed, and a new nail color is all you need.

6. Take Care of Fungal Infections

Fungal infections are quite common when dealing with nail care. There are various reasons as to why they occur but if you suspect you have one please don’t wait too long to get it checked out by a doctor.

nasty nail fungus

Here are a few treatment reviews for Nail Fungus, if you are suffering from it.

It is often convenient to first try to take care of the matter yourself if you are in the early stages of a fungal infection, but if you have tried a lot of things and it still isn’t working to get rid of the infection go to a doctor.

If you have redness or swelling or even pain around the areas of your nail bed that may be an early warning of nail bacterial infection. Your doctor will definitely help you out by giving you tips on how to properly care for you nails during this time and may prescribe you some antifungal medication.

Just remember that a neglected infection only leads to worse.

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7. Moisturize Daily

Your skin is not the only thing that needs to be moisturized. Your nails need it too because that is how they get their hydration…

…from oils, creams, butters, and lotions.

nail moisturizer of amazing nails

Even body lotion can help your nails if that is all that you have on hand. Nails tend to dry out and end up becoming cracked and that only leads to brittle nails.

Infections can occur to just because of hydration neglect.

I recommend a shea butter enriched cream, for its proven efficiency in skin moisturizing and protection.

Shea Butter Cream for Cuticle Moisturizing

Shea butter is a skin superfood that comes from the seeds of the fruit of the Shea (Karite) tree and that is naturally rich in vitamins A, E and F. It offers UV protection (it is SPF ~6) and provides the skin with essential fatty acids and the nutrients necessary for collagen production.

Shea Butter includes some of the following benefits:

  • Moisturizing
  • Reducing Inflammation
  • Lasting Skin Smoothing
  • Natural Cuticle Cream
  • Sun Protection
  • Improves Skin Elasticity

…for a list of additional benefits, refer to the following post.

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8. Protein

The food you eat and what you drink can make or break your healthy nail care journey. What should you eat more of to stunt your nail growth? Protein.

diet for healthy nails

Protein is suggested because your nails are made of protein too. Eat anything that is rich in protein such as poultry, fish, beef, and anything that is green as far as vegetables are concerned.

Aside from strictly diet, your family genes play a large role when it comes to nail health. There are some people who have strong nails and there are some people who have brittle nails but the situation can always get better as long as you give your nails some tender, love, and care.

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Last Word…

Remember that the first 30 days are most important when forming a habit. You need to be consistent every day!