Hack Your Way to Glorious Looking Nails: Biotin Supplements

Want healthier, stronger nails? Why not try Biotin Supplements?

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Biotin is easy to find and is a great supplement to use when you want to achieve great nail growth results.

According to an article on healthline.com which was medically reviewed by a health professional:

This supplement has gotten its popularity from the belief that when taken regularly your hair will appear thicker as well as healthier nails and skin.

 What is Biotin? 

Biotin is a natural ingredient sometimes known as vitamin H or a coenzyme that helps metabolize vitamins, fat, sugars and proteins.

The benefits of a biotin-rich diet go well beyond healthy looking nails and thick hair…

…The role of biotin is to help your digestive system convert food into energy which can help shape your metabolism and regulates your glucose levels.

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When purchasing biotin, whether in a specialty, health, or pharmacy store you will notice that biotin supplements have different names. Some of the supplement names of biotin are

  • Vitamin B7; 
  • Vitamin H;
  • Biotin; or
  • Coenzyme R.

When in doubt of choosing the best biotin source always be sure to read the label carefully before purchasing or ask a pharmacist.


The Benefits

There has been a great amount of talk about the benefits amongst those who have used biotin personally. The truth is that biotin should be used for those who have a biotin deficiency.

A biotin deficiency is quite complicated to diagnose in the medical field but the main symptoms of a biotin deficiency is hair loss, dry skin, rashes around the eyes, and dull nails amongst other symptoms.

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A benefit of biotin is correcting cradle cap in infants as well as using biotin as a treatment for diabetes and the nerve pain that comes with it. According to EverydayHealth.com, there was a study in the year of 2012 that was taken twice. The study was taken by people with type 2 diabetes and they took biotin for its effects.

The study’s results showed that biotin improves blood sugar and insulin levels in diabetics.

Note that an excess of Biotin is not a drawback will be urinated by your body and won’t stress your kidneys.

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How to Use it

Biotin comes in dietary supplements and may even be available in the form of shampoo. The medium for the supplement depends on your goal, regarding either your nails, hair or skin.

The supplement involves being taken orally on a regular basis. The first step to using biotin is to find the right dietary supplement and make sure it is one that you feel comfortable with. Your choices include pure biotin supplements and vitamins that include a certain dose of biotin so that you get all of the vitamins that you need in a single dose.

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The multivitamins that include biotin are the most popular but if you have a biotin deficiency or just want more then use a biotin only supplement.

Remember to eat when taking any dietary supplement to avoid stressing your stomach. If not, it is recommended to eat a snack or a small meal when taking it. In some cases, as stated on the label, you will be just fine if you drink a glass of milk with your supplement.

Take your supplement every day, but if you miss a day you will be fine. If you you do so, just pick up where you left off.

For dosage information, ask your local pharmacist.

It can take between 3 to 6 months to have a significant improvement through the supplements alone.

Who is it for?

There is not a specified group of people that biotin is specifically for. Biotin can be taken by anyone really. Biotin is taken mostly by people who suffer with brittle nails, hair loss or thinning and sensible skin, with hopes to reverse weak and brittle nails or obtain thicker hair.

Some of the people who take biotin for nail health wish to obtain growth and overall healthier nails. There are some people who taking biotin simply to achieve healthier skin in which some of these individuals have a biotin deficiency and truly need it.

Another common use of biotin is mostly undergone by mother’s, whether they want to treat their baby’s cradle cap or are pregnant for healthy development in the unborn baby. It is also common for a breastfeeding mother to use biotin too, as it passes through her milk and on to the baby, who would be prone to deficiencies.


List of Biotin-Rich Foods to Eat

As stated, biotin is a special vitamin found in food. If you choose to opt out of the possibility of taking biotin supplements, you should choose to eat foods that are rich in biotin. Some of these foods might be closer than you think…

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…Eggs are one of the foods that is rich in biotin because the biotin is present in the egg yolk. To get the most biotin out eggs is to cook them thoroughly but the longer you cook them the less biotin you will be consuming.  Besides eggs, the following are also rich in biotin:

  • Any kind of nuts
  • Green vegetables
  • Cheese: blue cheese, cheddar, and American.
  • Mushroomsweet
  • Potatoes

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