What is Nail Fungus

Nail fungus, also known as Onychomycosis – What is it? How to Spot it? Why should you treat it?

Fungal Nail Infection

What is it?

Nail Fungus starts to develop in the same way of athlete’s foot.

The fungus begins to spread as it is exposed to a warm and moist environment. It’s considered to be one of the most common nail problems, as it affects around 10% of the adult

If you come in contact with an environment infected by Onychomycosis, you are prone to get it.

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Fungal Nail Infections Cause Important Discomforts

At first, you may not notice that you have a problem. However, obvious signs may appear overtime that facilitates your ability to spot it.

  1. Signs of a Recovering Healthy Nail

    Discoloration appears;

  2. The nail becomes more brittle than usual
  3. The edges lose their shape and the corners of the nail crumble;
  4. The nail separates from the nail bed.

You Need To Treat Onychomycosis Quickly To Avoid Complications

Doctor treatment for nail fungus

Avoid Complications due to inaction

While Onychomycosis might not seem damaging at first, you can encounter some major problems in the long term. Some of the complications you can face include:

  • Loss of fingernail or toenail;
  • Infections;
  • Strong discoloration and;
  • Persistent odors.

Reasons To Treat Fungus In A Timely Manner

1. Esthetic Reasons

This is usually a more common reason for treating fingernail fungus. However when summer comes, it might be pretty embarrassing showing off your nasty infected nail in sandals.

2. Pain and Mobility

As the infection grows and the nail thickens, it might become more uncomfortable and cause mobility issues.

Even wearing shoes and exercising can become painful…

…This is the main reason practicians recommend to treat the infection as soon as symptoms appear.

3. Transmission and Recurrence

Even if fungus itself might not cause a serious situation, a nasty infection can cause the skin to crack, which is friendly to secondary bacterial infections. People with a weaker immuno system like diabetics or vascular issues are more likely to develop these secondary infections.

A fungal infection is also prone to being transmitted from one person to another, even at home…

Be aware of the environment and control the transmission by wearing socks, for example.

There Are Ways To Cure Nail Fungus Before It Starts Interfering With Your Life.

You need to think about various treatment options that are available and what is best for you. Several anti-fungal treatments available over the counter, in cream or oral medication.

Consider the side effects of oral medication, especially relates to someone who is suffering from diabetes. If this is your case, you should consider natural treatments or consult a pharmacist for over the counter treatments. However…

…People tend to be skeptical around home remedies and natural treatments

Natural treatments are usually cheaper
than most over the counter solutions for Nail Fungus. You might not need to look for a complex treatment.

It takes seconds to apply…

…and still leaves you with hundreds of dollars saved on professional treatments for Fungal Nail Infections

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